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This is what happens if you massage this point on your ear!

ear-massage-pressure point-releave stress

Stress can be reduced with a simple technique. The secret is in applying pressure on certain pressure points.

Causes of stress are various and people experience it in different ways. Stress causes unpleasant feelings, discomfort or pain in certain parts of the body.

First of all, you should release the feelings that are painful. Don’t keep them to yourself.

Afterwards, remove all physical consequence of stress.  Psycho-reflex therapy is helpful here.

Nature is responsible for the existence of anti-stress points in our body and that is a fact.

All you need to do is massage them and remove all traces of stress.

An ancient Chinese doctor called this point Shen Men or in translation “Heaven gate” because its treatment brings celestial energy in your body.

Shen Men point is deep and incredible point which helps to improve the body’s health in general, decreases stress and inflow of energy.

This acupressure point also decreases addiction and inflammation and its treatment decreases pain in any part of the body.


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