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This is how to heal all types of pain in 15 minutes using your fingers!

hand-fingers-relieve pain

By applying pressure on your fingers, you can remove any type of pain. Pressure points in your fingers have an effect on various organs in your body.

If you want it to work on every organ just hold your finger for 3-5 min and you will feel the difference immediately.


Organs: stomach and spleen

Emotions: depression and anxiety

Physical symptoms: pain in the stomach and headache

Index finger

Organs: kidneys and urine tract

Emotions: disappointment and fear

Physical symptoms: toothache, pain in the muscles and back

Middle finger

Organs: liver and gall

Emotions: indecision and rabies

Physical emotions: migraine, problems with blood circulation and menstrual pain


Ring finger

Organs: colon and breast

Emotions: sadness and negativity

Physical symptoms: asthma and respiratory problems


Baby finger

Organs: heart and bowers

Emotions: anxiety and lack of self-respect

Physical symptoms: pain in the bones, stomach, throat and heart


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