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This baking soda shampoo will save your hair!


Baking soda can be used to make a shampoo that can save your hair. By washing your hair with a baking soda shampoo, it will reinvigorate it better than any other hair product.

Maybe in the beginning it will feel strange to wash your hair without a shampoo and foam which is made during shampooing the hair but be patient and wait the final results.

First mix ¼ baking soda and ¾ water. For example, if your hair is down to your shoulders than mix  2-3 tbsp and three times more water than soda.

Mix well the ingredients in a bowl and dose it depending on the length of your hair.

Put this shampoo on your hair from the bottom to the top and leave it for 1 – 3 min and then wash your hair with hot water in order to better remove the leftovers.

After you wash your hair with this mixture put some vinegar on your hair.

Mix 1/5 vinegar and 4/5 water, but ig you don’t like the smell of vinegar you may add some lavender or mint or rosemary essential oil. Mix all of the ingredients. The best it to make the mixture and use it right after.

Bend your head in front of your body and close your eyes in order to avoid contact with the vinegar. Put the mixture equally on your hair and massage it in the scalp. Wait for several seconds and wash with cold water. The cold water will held the moisture in the hair and it will make sure that you hair has he natural and healthy look and glow.


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