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THE WORLD IS IN FEAR OF A DEADLY VIRUS: Virus vaccines are tested on humans


While the worldwide fear of a deadly virus is spreading fast, the cure for the virus has yet to be developed by pharmaceutical companies.

According to financial news site,  Inovio Pharma has announced it plans to start testing the Zika vaccine (which currently does not exist) in humans.

Keep in mind, Inovio in this case is releasing PR based on funding, so the testing on humans portion is deliberate and widely accepted.

The vaccine doesn’t exist, no one has any idea how to cure it, but target dates on human testing are already in place.

Would you like to sign up to be tested by a pharmaceutical company for a vaccine that no one has any idea if they can even create?

To think a pharmaceutical company is already making a play to dangerously test a vaccine on humans is insane.

The pharmaceutical companies are seeing the sad state of birth defects as a position of leverage. They see it as a way to profit and create a new revenue stream. They have no qualms testing on humans.

And who knows how effective their solutions will be or how many injuries these solutions will cause? Pharmaceutical companies can’t be sued, so they operate under complete immunity. They have no fear of injurious failures.

Situations such as the Zika outbreak is the perfect, most comfortable place for them to exist.



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