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Tattoo are toxic and can cause many health issues


Even though tattooing is a worldwide trend, there are certain health risks that people should be aware of.

Some of the ink that is used in tattooing is made of heavy metals. When mercury in red ink goes through the pierced skin, it is rooted forever in skin.

According to statistics, 36% of people between the ages of 18 to 25 have tattoos, while people between ages of 26 to 40 comprise 40%. Based on this, 45 million Americans have permanently marked their skin using harmful ink.

Tattoo ink contains detergent, toxic aldehydes, alcohol, formaldehyde, and methanol. These can be the cause of skin allergies and infections. Moreover, a great number of tattoo parlors in their practices use ink used in automobiles and printers.

Most tattoo parlors use ink that is used in automobiles and printer. The ink can cause skin allergy, infection, scars, and inflammation. These tattoos may also cause problems while having MRI scan.

Even though eight cases of malignant melanoma exist, it was never proved that these were produced by tattoos.

According to findings of research at university of Texas, tattoos may be the leading cause of distribution of Hepatitis C among people.

The best conclusion is that you should avoid anything that could be damaging your health. Many people are not even aware that their health issues have been caused by their tattoos. The illness is being spread by repeated use of needles during the process of tattooing.


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