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The secret to lowering your blood pressure in 15 minutes

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High blood pressure can lead to a serious condition known as hypertension. Therefore, everyone should know how to lower the blood pressure.

Due to fast and stressful lifestyle our blood pressure constantly goes up or down. This constant change and especially the high blood pressure is very dangerous because it may lead to stroke or heart attack. But lucky for you there is a way of controlling it and that way is consisted of eliminating stress, healthy diet and moderate exercises.

First you need to make changes in your diet – Blood pressure is tightly related with the level of insulin and sugar in your blood. They work proportionally so if one goes up so does and the other. If you diet is consisted of fast food, chips and sweets and occasionally a salad of fresh juice than then we must say that this is your ticket for hypertension and diabetes. A study published in 1998 in the magazine Diabetes confirmed that insulin, sugar level and high blood pressure are related and that we should pay great attention to our diet.

But how they work together? Insulin stores magnesium but if its receptors get damages or full with filth than your cells become resistant to insulin so magnesium is not stored and it goes out of your body. IF your level of magnesium is low the blood vessels can’t relax so your blood pressure goes up. At this point and sodium is kept in your body. Sodium provokes fluid retention which leads to heart attack.

Fructose also may raise your blood pressure – In a research it was discovered that an average American consumes 70 g of fructose a day. This is very risky because 74 g of fructose leads to 77% increased risk of high blood pressure. In order to avoid all of the above mentioned fatal events the first thing what you should do is to check you daily intake of fructose and lower it down if it is too high

We strongly advise you to keep your total intake of fructose lower than 25 g per day. Also have in mind that occasionally you will import some hidden fructose. Many people limit their intake of fructose on 15 g per day, but you can start with 25 and then slowly decrease that number. Have in mind that 15g of fructose are two bananas, one-third cup of raisins, or just two Medjool dates and 40 g of sugar is a can of soda.

Normalize your omega 6:3 ratio – Omega 3 and omega 6 are very important fats for your body. Omega 6 usually is found in corn, soy canola oil, sunflower oil and omega 3 usually is found in fish. Unfortunately the average Americans import more omega 6 than omega 3 and this leads to high blood pressure. In order to avoid this try to regulate the 6:3 ratio and take care of what you are consuming.

Eliminate caffeine – Coffee is widely consumed in the morning to wake up. What you don’t know that caffeine is legal drug which is your enemy because it gives a significant rise to your blood pressure. Especially if you have hypertension or some kind of heart disease it may worsen you condition. The best thing to do is to eliminate it entirely from your daily liquids but we know that that can’t happen overnight so you need to start gradually avoiding it in a period of a month.

Consume Fermented Foods – Gut flora is a significant factor which influences your blood pressure and the whole bloodstream. Thy to optimize it by consuming some fermented food such as yogurt kefir, fermented vegetables etc. Additional benefit from fermented food is the vitamin K2 which prevents arterial plaque buildup and heart diseases.

Moderate exercising is very important – If you want to keep you body and organism healthy than a program of easy, 5-10 min exercise program is the key. Not only that you will feel better but also your organism will feel and look younger plus you will always be in good shape.

This program of exercises will also be beneficial for your bloodstream and since you body is healthy and in good shape that it will be easier for you to control your diet and your blood pressure. Incorporate anaerobic types of exercises and voila you have the perfect solution for any problems with the heart and blood vessels.

Exercising you will also contribute for your insulin levels to stay at a normal rate. This happens when you do exercises for individual muscle groups which encouraged the blood flow in those muscles. Good blood flow will increase the insulin sensitivity.

Depending on your physical state and health condition the best thing you should do is to find a certified trainer who will help you with the exercise program. He/She will give you advices and will suggest you the best set of exercises for you. Also you may add some supplement which will help you in achieving the best results but for that the best thing is to consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Daily vitamin D intake – Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins in our body because it helps our body to function properly. If you lack this vitamin try sunbathing or vitamin D3 supplements but avoid the vitamin D which is sold in the pharmacies because it is synthetic and may worsen your condition.

Always control your intake of vitamin D because you may overdose. The best thing is to expose to sunlight directly than taking supplements or pills.

Stress control is very important – One third of Americans have problems with high blood pressure and the other third experiences stress daily.

Stress and hypertension (high blood pressure) are tightly connected but still this fact is still not examined well and given the attention it deserves. Dr. Kennedy, who examined the connection between these two, has come up with revolutionary technique which helps you decrease your blood pressure in 15 min. This easy technique is remarkable because it may release you from stress and help your body relax. You may learn it by watching the video bellow.

Supplements and other alternatives – Once you establish your diet and exercise program and start practicing them you may try some supplements which will help you in the process and provide you with extra energy. You must have in mind that these supplements and other alternative shouldn’t be used as substitute for healthy nutrition.



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