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The secret to longevity revealed – VIDEO


An expert on growing old and living longer, Professor Alex Zhavoronkov, revealed how to extend the length of life.

Factors which have an influence on longevity are developments in medicine, diet and healthcare. In addition to this, people should also abstain from getting married and having intercourse.

When it comes to career choices, people should choose the job they really like and that they can do when they are hundred years old.

Scientists in Latvia agree that longevity can be achieved by avoiding marriage, relationships, children and material possessions. The partner you choose can affect your life greatly.

Strict diet, regular physical exercise and occasional sexual intercourse are a must if you wish to celebrate your 100th birthday.

According to the report of The World Health Organization (WHO), people across the world are living longer. People can expect to reach the age of 60 and even beyond.


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