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Other side to the polio vaccine


Vaccine bills have been forced on people in the past months. The state legislators are trying to legally enforce vaccination against Americans. There are scientific facts which prove that polio and smallpox are not diminished by this vaccine.

Additionally, opinion on all vaccines cannot be based on polio and smallpox as exemplary models for all other vaccines. The efficacy of each vaccine has to be determined based on the properties of viral infection, response of the immune system, side effects of the vaccine and other risks which could emerge after.

It has happened in the past that some drug became more dangerous than the condition. Thousands of people are used during the trial period of a new drug. When it comes to vaccines, first two failed to fulfill what was promised. Vaccine for human papilloma known as Gardasil and vaccine for rotavirus, Rotateq were not considered successful.

In 1955, children were victims of poorly researched polio vaccine. The vaccine was withdrawn because 40,000 children still had polio, 200 became paralyzed and 10 died.
It is believed that the Salk vaccine actually contributed to the increase in polio and paralysis cases. Government officials declared the vaccine to be useless as a precaution and unsafe to take. Even though it happened during the 1950s, the private industry still tries to buy the silence of government health agencies.

Today, polio vaccine is considered successful in eradicating a virus. However, this opinion is influenced by advocates of vaccination. According to dr. Suzanne Humphries, disappearance of polio was a simple deception. Even more people became paralyzed because of the vaccine. The vaccine should have been ruled against and abandoned by the 1961.

The 1950’s are the period of major medical accomplishments. However, at that time paralysis was also associated with polio infections, aseptic meningitis, Coxsackie and Echo viruses, arsenic, DDT and other industrial chemical toxins. Paralysis caused by polio, aseptic meningitis and Coxsackie was identical. Acute Flaccid Paralysis is a type of paralysis which can hardly be distinguished from paralysis caused by polio vaccine within the vaccinated population. It was proved by Dr. Humphries and her colleagues that direct connection between the increase in AFP through 2011 and government claims that polio infectious rates are declining, is equivalent to increased vaccination.

Another outrage caused by polio vaccine happened in 1959 when Dr. Bernice Eddy found out that polio vaccines, that were being used, contained an infectious agent capable of causing cancer.

Consequently, her laboratory was removed and she was demoted when she tried to warn federal officials. Maurice Hilleman was the one to identify the agent as a cancer causing monkey virus, SV40, which is universal in almost all rhesus monkeys used to culture the polio virus for the vaccine. The number of Americans which received SV40 contaminated vaccines is unknown.

People are still in danger of this vaccine. Other discoveries include that SV40 was identified in 38% of bone cancer cases; SV40 was present in 58% of mesothelioma cases; 45% of semen samples and 23% of blood samples had SV40, which proves that monkey virus can be sexually transmitted; states where the contaminated polio vaccine was most used have 10 times higher number of osteosarcomas; infants can receive SV40 from their mothers who received contaminated vaccine.

Several years ago CDC finally admitted that the Salk and Sabin vaccines were infected with the carcinogenic SV40 monkey virus.
But the virus component for all other vaccines is still cultured in animal cell medium. Such vaccines are for measles, mumps, influenza, smallpox and other. Known and unknown pathogenic viruses, bacterial genetic residues, and foreign DNA fragments can all be carried in animal tissue. According to medical investigative reporter, Janine Roberts, vaccine makers and government health officials admitted that they are unable to stop dangerous carcinogenic and autoimmune causative genetic material from being injected into an infant. Vaccines today may be contaminated with cancer-causing oncogenes, bird leukemia virus, equine arthritic virus, a protein responsible for Mad Cow Disease and other life threatening illnesses, a biological marker associated with HIV infection, and a large number of additional DNA fragments and contaminates that escape filtration during vaccine preparation. Since removal of all foreign genetic and viral material from vaccines is not possible, the CDC sets limits for how much genetic contamination by weight is allowed in a vaccine, and the agency continues to increase the threshold.

Nothing much has changed on the market of vaccines. The primitive manufacturing technology and animal tissue culturing are still being used. Bill Gates’ polio eradication campaigns in India have been complete failures. Oral vaccines were failed to immunize the poorest of Indian children, even 15 doses. The vaccine was ineffective because of contaminated water and miserable hygiene conditions. Similar failures happened in Brazil, Peru and Bangladesh with the rotavirus and cholera vaccine.
It has also been reported an increase in new cases of paralysis in India. 47,500 new cases of non-polio acute flaccid paralysis in 2011 grew to over 53,500 reported cases in 2012. Non-polio acute flaccid paralysis medically cannot be distinguished from wild polio paralysis and polio vaccine-induced paralysis. The only difference is that non-polio acute flaccid paralysis is more lethal.

Even though many failures occurred in this vaccination campaign in India, in January 2014, Bill Gates, the WHO and the Indian government announced India as a polio-free nation.

Cases similar to India and scientific proof state that better sanitation, clean water, healthy food and better hygiene practices present the safest and most efficacious measures for fighting infectious disease.

Neil Miller, Director of ThinkTwice Global Vaccine Institute, compiled statistics which state that polio death rate had declined by 47%. In the UK, the rate declined 55% and alike rates were found in other European countries.

Relying upon the unsupported belief that vaccines serve to protect a population suffering from extreme conditions of poverty, while failing to improve these populations’ living standards, won’t be successful. Vaccines won’t work and will continue to cause danger to millions of children with seriously impaired immune systems with high levels of vaccines’ infectious agents and other toxic ingredients.

Another issue presents the doubt whether or not a new more deadly polio virus exists as a result of over-vaccination.
In 2014, researchers at the University of Bonn isolated a new strain of polio virus that evades vaccine protection. In 2010, 445 cases of polio paralysis and 209 deaths happened in vaccinated region of the Congo. In 1993, Dr. Crainic proved that if a person is vaccinated with 3 strains of poliovirus, a fourth strain will appear and the vaccine is causing recombinant activity between strains.
Poliovirus is normally present in sewage and then water sources, as it is excreted through the digestive system. A new infectious polio strain was discovered by Japanese scientists in rivers and sewage near Tokyo. A new mutation has been traced back to the polio vaccine through genetic sequencing.

It is probable that massive vaccination campaigns are causing the emergence of new, more deadly viral strains resistant to current vaccines.
Fight against federal agencies over the problems of these vaccines is futile because nobody is held accountable for any disease connected with polio and other vaccines. The strong evidence exists that infectious disease is not cured by this vaccine and continues to destroy lives of polio vaccine recipients.

Richard Gale and Dr. Gary Null (Global Research)


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