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The 20 cancer symptoms women are most likely to ignore

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Cancer is a vicious disease and people have to learn how to read the signs that their body is sending out.

Carefully listen to what your body says to you and notice anything different, odd or simply unexplainable.

We have listed some of the signs that are often overlooked:

1. Wheezing and shortness of breath – Patients diagnosed with lung cancer first notice their inability to catch breath.

2. Chronic cough and chest pain – A few types of cancer, like leukemia and lung tumor, often cause symptoms that tend to mimic severe cough or bronchitis. Patients with lung cancer explain having a chest pain that reaches their shoulder or spread down their arm.

3. Frequent fever and infections – These are common signs of leukemia, or cancer of blood cells that starts off in bone marrow. In this condition the marrow produces abnormal white blood cells, and affects the ability of human body to fight infections.

4. Difficulty swallowing – This is often linked to esophageal or throat cancer. In some cases it is the first sign of lung cancer.

5. Swollen lymph nodes or lumps in the neck, underarm, or the groin – Enlarged nodes may indicate certain changes in the lymphatic system. This is often a sign of cancer.

6. Excessive bruising or constant bleeding – This is often an indication that there is something abnormal happening with the platelets and red blood cells. In some cases, this is a sign of leukemia. As time goes by, leukemia cells overcrowd red blood cells and platelets, which impairs the ability of human body to carry oxygen and clot.

7. Weakness and fatigue – General fatigue and weakness indicate many types of cancer, and you will have to associate them with other symptoms. But, if you feel exhausted without any particular explanation, and if it does not change even when you sleep enough, make sure you talk to your doctor.

8. Bloating and abdominal weight gain – Women with ovarian cancer say to have noticed unexplained abdominal bloating that had occurred suddenly and had continued on and off for a pretty long time.

9. Feeling full and unable to eat – This is another indicator of ovarian cancer. Women remember having no appetite and being unable to eat, even when they have not eaten anything for long.

10. Pelvic and abdominal pain – Pain and cramping in the abdominal area and pelvis sometimes go in a combination with bloating. These two symptoms are a common signal of ovarian cancer. Leukemia may also cause abdominal pain, that occurs as a result of an enlarged spleen.

11. Rectal bleeding or bloody stool – This is a common sign of colorectal cancer. Blood in the stool is another reason to consult your doctor and do a colonoscopy.

12. Unexplained weight loss – It is an early signal of colon and other kinds of digestive cancers. Weight loss is also a sign of cancer that has reached the liver, and thus affects appetite and the body’s ability to remove waste.

13. Upset stomach and stomachache – Having cramps and upset stomach may be a sign of colorectal cancer.

14. Red, sore, swollen breast -This indicates inflammatory breast cancer. Consult to your doctor about any change to your breast.

15. Nipple changes – This is common change that women notice before being diagnosed with breast cancer. Nipples may flatten, invert and turn sideways.

16. Unusually heavy and painful periods and bleeding between periods – This may indicate endometrial and uterine cancer. Schedule a transvaginal ultrasound if you notice anything unusual than your normal period.

17. Swelling of facial features – Patients diagnosed with lung cancer usually notice puffiness, swelling, or even redness. Small cells of lung tumors block blood vessels in the chest and the blood cannot flow from the head and face.

18. Sore and skin lump that does not heal, forms a crust and bleeds – Get more informed about the types of skin cancer. It could be melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma. Check the skin for any unusual growths and marks.

19. Changes in nails – This may indicate a few types of cancer. Brown or black dots under the nail may be a sign of skin cancer. Newly discovered enlargement of the finger ends and nails that go down over the tips may signal lung cancer. Pale and white nails sometimes indicate liver cancer.

20. Back pain or pain in the lower right side – For many cancer patients this is the first signal of liver cancer. Breast cancer is often diagnosed after the patient complaints of a back pain, which is triggered by the pressure tumor applies backward into the chest, or in cases when cancer reaches the spine and ribs.

Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, you should pay special attention to any unexplainable change in your body and energy. This will help you detect signs of cancer in its early stage. The sooner you determine the problem, the sooner you can do something and take any necessary steps in order to start off the healing process.


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