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Test: Find out if you are attracting happiness, or you are pushing it away


Is your glass half full or half empty? Do you always expect sun or heavy rain? Do you always believe in the best possible outcome or you expect the worst? Complete this test and see if you are an optimist or a pessimist.

Answer the following YES/NO questions:

  1. Do you like traveling?
  2. Would you like to become trained for some new job, a job you have not done before?
  3. Do you suffer from insomnia?
  4. Do you like visiting your friends and inviting them over?
  5. Is your intuition developed: can you feel forthcoming trouble?
  6. Are you often overwhelmed by the thoughts that many of your peers have achieved a lot more than yourself?
  7. Do you do sports?
  8. Do you think that the fate is not fair to you?
  9. Are you concerned about possible global ecological disasters?
  10. Do you think that thinking increases problems, instead solving them?
  11. Do you have any doubts about your choice of profession?
  12. Have you insured your possessions?
  13. Would you be willing to move to another city, if there is a possibility to get interesting and well-paid job there?
  14. Are you satisfied with your looks?
  15. Do you often feel bad?
  16. Are you able to easily fit in with your new team?
  17. Does your environment see you as an active person?
  18. Do you believe in friendship without personal gain?
  19. Do you believe in good signs: lucky numbers, lucky days et cetera?
  20. Do you believe that everyone is responsible for their own happiness?

Add up amounts:

  1. YES – 1; NO – 0
  2. YES – 1; NO – 0
  3. YES – 0; NO – 1
  4. YES – 1; NO – 0
  5. YES – 0; NO – 1
  6. YES – 0; NO – 1
  7. YES – 1; NO – 0
  8. YES – 0; NO – 1
  9. YES – 0, NO – 1
  10. YES – 0; NO – 1
  11. YES – 1; NO – 0
  12. YES – 0; NO – 1
  13. YES – 1; NO – 0
  14. YES – 1; NO – 0
  15. YES – 1; NO – 0
  16. YES – 1; NO – 0
  17. YES – 1; NO – 0
  18. YES – 1; NO – 0
  19. YES – 1; NO – 0
  20. YES – 1; NO – 0

After answering all the previous questions and gathering the points, find out whether the happiness will follow you in life or not.

  1. Pessimist who does not have to be pessimist (0-4)

It looks like life hasn’t been easy on you, so you don’t expect gentle future either. Problems are natural things to you and you rarely experience joy. You feel guilt and you underestimate yourself because of that. Even though it is good to accept responsibility for your own life, you are blaming yourself too much. Snap out of it!

  1. Mild pessimist (5-9)

You are cheerful by your nature, but life struggles shook up your optimism. You are afraid of failure, so you stepped aside. You are convinced that all good things don’t last long and because of that you refuse to have anything to do with it. Get out of your shell!

  1. Realist (10-14)

You know how to appreciate yourself and other people. You know how to organize and solve your tasks. You have an active attitude towards life. It takes years to build emotional stability but this is a reward that comes with maturity. There will always be someone who is prettier, smarter, younger, but no one will ever be YOU. Don’t change yourself because of other people. Be yourself and right people will love you because of that.

  1. Optimist (15-18)

You rarely let depression to overtake you. You always strive to see the bright side in everything. Many people around you don’t understand where your optimism comes from. Bad things are just temporary circumstances to you and you believe that bad things cannot be long-lasting.  If you fall down, you get up right away. You are on the right track!

  1. Infectious optimist (19-20)

Your optimism is endless. It is like there are no inconveniences for you. Bravo!

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