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Serious side effects of HPV cervical cancer jab


After receiving a routine HPV vaccine, thousands of girls became seriously ill and some even ended up in a wheelchair. The number of such cases reached the number of 8,228 young girls. This number reported by The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency is only 10% of the true number of young girls who suffered from HPV vaccine side effects.

Since 2008, the vaccine has been given to young girls in Britain aged 12 and 13 in order to block the sexually transmitted human papilloma virus which leads to most cervical cancer cases. Some of the described symptoms of side effects are chest and abdominal pains, exhaustion, breathing difficulties, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, which triggers an abnormally high heart rate, and fibromyalgia. The symptoms were even considered life threatening and were given immediate medical attention in more than one quarter of the cases.

Even though the worry about this vaccine is not new and despite the warnings of the Japanese health ministry, more than eight million people in the UK received this vaccine and the European countries are still administering the vaccine.

Representative of the pressure group Jabs, Jackie Fletcher stated that young girls who have been healthy prior to the vaccine, have developed seizures or viral fatigue, some are unable to walk and some have not recovered yet.
It is explained by Dr Martinez-Lavin in an article published in the Clinical Rheumatology  that even though the HPV vaccine is the most effective measure, there are growing concerns about the number of side effects.

The UK’s MHRA continues to claim that no major safety concerns are related to the vaccine. Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer affecting women younger than 35. The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency continues to disprove the connection with serious illnesses, whereas NHS declares that the HPV vaccination is proven to be very effective.



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