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Stronger bones are not built by increased intake of dairy products

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The latest study published by the British Medical Journal showed that dairy products are not responsible for bone strength. Dairy products and taking calcium supplements do not have an impact on the strength of the bones.

It seems that the higher consumption of milk actually leads to higher death rate and bone fractures.

Based on numerous studies, when it comes to bone fractures, there is no difference between those who take calcium as a supplement and those who don’t.

The intake of calcium through pasteurized dairy products actually leads to osteoporosis. In order for it to be absorbed properly, minimum calcium to magnesium ratio has to be 2 to 1 and preferably 1 to 1.

The highest risk of osteoporosis is in the USA, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Australia, and New Zealand.

The theory that bones will become stronger with higher intake of calcium is disproved. Advised dosage in the US consisted of 1,000 to 1,200 mg of calcium per day.

According to the latest studies on the bone density, the suggested dosage is 500 mg of calcium per day. Higher dosage leads to unnecessary concentration of calcium in the arteries or in the kidneys. As a consequence, this could lead to heart disease or kidney stones.

Studies confirmed that dietary calcium does not have an effect on reducing risk of fracture. The overall conclusion is that calcium supplements do not have any effect on the bone health.

In order to supplement your intake of calcium, it is suggested to consume balanced calcium/magnesium formula. Healthy way to do this is to consume calcium rich foods, such as raw milk or yogurt, bony fish, leafy green vegetables, dried herbs and dried fruits, sesame, Chia and flax seeds.

Avoid food which prevents proper absorption of calcium. Such foods include whole grains, sweet potatoes, beans, rhubarb, celery and beets.

Soft drinks should be avoided because they contain phosphorus, which causes calcium excretion.

Exposure to sunlight 10 minutes a day reduces the risk of bone fractures by a third. Exercising with weights has a positive effect on bones.

Absorption of calcium is prevented by the intake of acid-blocking medications and similar medicines used for gastrointestinal conditions. Avoid these as much as you can, because they have a negative effect on calcium absorption.

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