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Sniffing Rosemary helps with memory problems


Traditional medicine recognizes rosemary as one remarkable herb. Rosemary helps with memory problems. Students in Greece even put rosemary in their hair during exams. The effect of rosemary is also mentioned in Hamlet.

According to studies, carnosic acid, which is found in rosemary, battles toxic elements that have an influence on the brain.

Natural compounds within rosemary deliver protein to our brain, which makes it tougher in the process of decision making.

Chemical acetylcholine activates cells responsible for our memory and communication with each other. This chemical is broken down by supplements in rosemary.

The results of a study pointed out the amazing influence of rosemary on remembering things.

People who were given essential oil had 60 to 75 % chance of remembering things in contrast to others, who were not given rosemary essential oil.

Based on this study, certain chemical compounds are accountable for our memory, such as cineole. People who were exposed to rosemary before doing some activity had better results.

Rosemary can have good results in relieving mood swings and stress, precision in tests and speed. Since Hamlet, rosemary has been known for its benefits.

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