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Signs of cervical cancer which should not be ignored

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Cervical cancer is the second leading cause of death in women. This vicious disease is dangerous because the symptoms are hidden for a long time. However, Pap smears help determine if abnormal cells in the cervix could be a sign of cancer.

Even though cervical cancer does not show symptoms in its early stages, there are certain indicators which can’t be ignored.

Leg pain and swelling – These signs could point to early stages of cancer development.  Leg pain and swelling is caused by the inhibited blood flow due to swollen cervix.

Urinary tract problems – If the cancer is diagnosed on the basis of urine test, the cancer is in stage IV. If you experience urine burns or any other urinary tract problems, it could be an indication of uterine cancer.

Spotting or bleeding between periods – If this is the case, it is highly recommended that you visit your gynecologist. As the tumor progresses, some women experience irregular and heavy periods together with pelvic, spinal or leg pain.

It can also interrupt normal blood flow, cause the blood in the urine, tenesmus or anal pain, painful bowel movements and blood in the stool.

Cervical cancer can be connected with other diseases, but such occurrence is quite rare. In later stages, it can spread to other organs, tissues and bones.

Cervical cancer is frequently complemented by fatigue, appetite loss, anemia, uremia and secondary infections.

A cancer diagnosis can be made on the basis of paraneoplastic syndrome. This syndrome indicates any deviations, which include hyperkalemia and the disorder of adrenocorticotropic hormone.


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