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Shocking story – dangers of accepting friend requests on Facebook from strangers


Social media has infiltrated our lives on many levels. People share almost everything from their lives online without considering consequences of that. People are responsible for their privacy by choosing what they share online and to whom.

The following story is about a mother who made the wrong choice, revealed too much from her life and suffered consequences of it. She posted a photograph of her child’s first day at school. She even added location to her picture. She did this because she was happy and she wanted her friends on Facebook to share her happiness.

But not all friends on Facebook are your real friends. How many people from your Facebook list of friends you genuinely know? Most of them you probably added because they have a nice smiling face on their profile picture. But you never met them before.

So, this mother told the world how happy she was, that her child was starting school for the first time.
One day she came to pick up her daughter from school and she was not there.

One of those friends on Facebook used the picture to post it on an online catalog and sent it to hundreds of men around the world with the terrifying caption that the young girl of six years is for sale for 10,000 dollars. That person from Facebook even used the location added to the picture and kidnapped the poor child while she was waiting for her mother to arrive.

What we all have to learn from this unfortunate story is to keep the details from our lives off the social networks and think twice before accepting friend requests from strangers.

Child molesters and pedophiles are using social media to commit horrible crimes. That is why every parent should reconsider posting the pictures of their children online. Would you stop an unknown person on the street to show him the pictures of your lovely children? Of course you wouldn’t.

So keep the details of your lives to yourselves.

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