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She drank carrot juice for 8 months and something unbelievable happened…


An experience of Ann Cameron, the author of many books for children, can serve as an example to all of us. She encountered several tough moments in the recent past and she came out as a winner.

The year of 2005 was difficult for her because that is when she was diagnosed with colon cancer, and when she lost her husband to lung cancer. Her husband was treated with chemotherapy, but unsuccessfully. In 2012, her health condition reaches the point when a surgical intervention was needed. The surgery was successful, but after six months of progress, colon cancer was back, it reached the fourth stage and spread to the lungs. Taught by her husband’s example, she decided not to accept chemotherapy.

Her choice was to look for alternative solutions, which she managed to do thanks to the blog “Chris beats cancer”, where people who search or suggest alternative ways of treating cancer, tell their stories and help each other.

After doing some research, she discovered the story of 26-year old Ralph Cole. He was diagnosed with skin cancer and he claimed that the carrot juice was his cure. During the treatment, he was taking juice made of 2.5 kg of carrots, as a daily dose.

Ann decided to do the same.

After only eight weeks, her disease was under control. She was getting better. The cancer had stopped spreading, the tumors began to shrink, as well as swelling in the lymph glands. And after four months, the progress was evident. Eight months of this amazing natural therapy were enough to destroy the cancer.

The reason why carrot juice had such a beneficial effect is because carrots have large quantities of fatty alcohol and natural pesticide anticancer properties. Additionally, the carotene from carrots prevents the creation of tumor cells.

After this difficult experience, Ann wrote the book “Curing cancer with carrots”. She proved that the power of nature and persistence are an unbeatable combination.

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