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Sleeping style impacts your health


Every person sleeps in a certain position. Some people prefer sleeping on their stomachs, some on their sides. Either way, sleeping position is not something that can be changed easily.

The most common sleeping positions will be described in the following text and how these influence a person’s sleeping style.

Stomach sleeping – this position is suggested if you breathe through your nose. However, this position has a negative influence on your neck, wrinkles appear sooner on your face and skin becomes loose if you sleep on the right or left side of the face.

This position can negatively impact your back because lumbar side of the spine doesn’t have support. However, if you did not experience any of these issues and you snore, sleep in this position on a thin pillow.

Fetal position – Even though 60% of population sleeps in this position, it is bad for your spine and neck. Curled knees to your chin can negatively impact your breathing, as inhalation is limited. Yet this position is recommended to pregnant women and people with snoring problem. According to psychologists, people who sleep in this position, which resembles position of a baby in uterus, are shy and more sensitive.

Sleeping on left or the right side with arms to your body – This position is best for your spine since it provides the best support by holding it in right and natural position. However, you can experience sleep apnea (stopping your breath while sleeping) in this position. This position decreases back pain while it causes wrinkles and alters the breast position.

Sleeping on the left or the right side with your hands on the side – This position is also good for the spine. But, this position can cause pain in the arms and shoulders. People who sleep in this position are considered to be suspicious and approach life totally rationally.

Sleeping on the right or left side – This position, either on your left or right side, is good and healthy. However, sleeping on the left side increases chances to experience heartburn, while sleeping on the right puts pressure on the liver, lungs and stomach. Pregnant women are advised to sleep on the left side because it encourages better fetus circulation.

Soldier position – The best position for your spine and neck is when you sleep on your back with arms to your body. But this position can influence snoring and may cause sleep apnea.

See star – This position is also good for the spine as you sleep on your back with arms and legs spread wide. It doesn’t influence aging and the appearance of wrinkles. However, if you sleep in the position which resembles a star, it also influences snoring and creates problem with stomach acid.

You hug your pillow while you sleep – If you hug your pillow in any of positions you will certainly wake up rested and with less pain.


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