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Recognize heart attack symptoms one month ahead


The reason why heart attacks result in so many tragic cases is the fact that symptoms of this disease reveal themselves right before the heart attack. The comforting thing is that, if you listen to your body carefully, you may be able to notice the warning signs.

When the coronary artery is burdened with plaque buildup, blood supply loss follows, and heart attack is inevitable. The lack of blood kills the tissues, and dying tissues are the reason the patient is experiencing an agonizing pain and pressure.

In these moments, medical care is absolutely necessary, otherwise the outcome can be fatal. Pay attention to the following signs. They might be the signs of a forthcoming heart attack.


When coronary artery narrows, that reduces the amount of blood your heart receives. Then your heart has to work more than usual, causing excessive tiredness.

Short breath

Constant short breath indicates a higher risk of a heart attack. If your heart doesn’t receive sufficient amount of blood, this means that your lungs won’t get enough oxygen. If you don’t have enough oxygen in your lungs, you cannot breathe normally. Cardiovascular and respiratory systems work synergetically, so the short breath may be a sign of a heart attack.


If your body doesn’t get enough oxygen through blood, you will feel weak. When arteries are narrow, blood circulation is weaker, so your muscles don’t get enough oxygen and you feel weak.

Dizziness and/or cold sweat

Clamminess and dizziness are consequences of insufficient amount of blood in your brain. Pay attention if you are facing cold sweats and dizziness on a regular basis, they are common signs of heart attack.

Discomfort in chest

When your heart doesn’t get enough oxygen, discomfort in chest will be the result. The discomfort will turn into increasing pain, with the heart attack as a final result.


Any of these conditions is a sign for you to visit your doctor. Don’t postpone your visit to the doctor. If you act in time, you might be able to prevent a heart attack.

Symptoms in women are usually hard to detect, meaning that it is often too late, once the signs become clear. This is why women should do a complete check-up regularly.

Every time your body sends you an unusual signal, test yourself. This is very important if there are some heart attack cases in your family history.

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