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Natural recipe for glowing smile


If you want to have illuminating smile and whiten your teeth, try the following recipe, for which you only need 2 simple ingredients.

First, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 1 lemon
  • 30g baking soda
  • a cotton ball

First, squeeze the lemon juice into a container. After you’ve done this, add lemon juice into baking soda and mix them together. When you mix these two, wait until the foam is gone.

Take one cotton ball, soak it in the mixture and apply it on your teeth. Brush your teeth after one minute. If you decide to repeat this procedure in order to whiten your teeth, do not brush your teeth within the next two hours.

Make sure that you always rinse your mouth after doing this treatment, because lemon acid has the ability to damage the tooth enamel.

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