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Read meat is as harmful as cigarettes, alcohol, and asbestos


It seems that the World Health Organization (WHO) will soon label meat as harmful and carcinogenic.

If the WHO is serious in their plans, it means that the meet will be classified in the same group with cigarettes, alcohol, and asbestos.

Many studies have proven that red meat is linked with colorectal, esophageal, lung, and pancreatic cancer. These studies support the claim that meat is actually a cancer-causing food.

Harvard Medical School proved that the length of life can be extended by up to 20% if you remove or reduce the amount of red meat and processed meat from your diet. People who consume a lot of red meat usually die at a younger age from cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

The WHO is going to reveal their decision on Monday.

If the processed meat is labeled as carcinogenic, it would mean that people should stop consuming bacon, hot dogs, pastrami and other delicious treats.

The meat industry uses a lot of harmful chemicals in their preserving techniques. These chemicals are known to increase the risk of cancer.

The North American Meat Institute will oppose to this classification.


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