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Quickly stop the wound from bleeding with only one ingredient!


People are sometimes clumsy, which leads them to cut themselves, even on a piece of paper.

If you cut yourself on something, the first thing you have to do is to stop the bleeding. In case a slight pressure on the wound with a handkerchief is not helpful, you have to try something else.

The best coagulator is healing clay powder. If you don’t have any, there is an alternative.

Paprika powder can be used to stop the wound from bleeding. However, the paprika powder should not be too hot.

You can use the paprika powder to stop the bleeding from cuts, nose bleeding and even arterial bleeding.

Take some paprika powder and sprinkle it on the wound. Press the wound with a tissue and wait for the wound to dry out. It will happen shortly.

The same can be achieved with home powdered clay. Red pepper powder and powdered clay can also be used with internal bleeding. Just dissolve one teaspoon of the powder, mix in a cup of hot water and drink it.

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