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Proper breathing gives you a longer and healthier life


Our breathing increases in certain situations. Sometimes it happens in stressful situations or in an emergency.

Normal breathing rate is 8-12 breaths per minute. However, people now breathe 15-20 times/minute, which is a lot higher than the normal rate. This can have a negative impact on our body.

Therefore, slow, relaxed and controlled breathing should be done in order to relax the body, regulate our immunity, digestion, nervous systems and metabolism.

It is known that animals which have higher respiratory rates live shorter than those with a normal respiratory rate. For comparison, rabbits breathe 40-60 times/minute and live 8 years while dogs breathe 15-30 times/minute and live 15-20 years.

Based on this, it can be concluded that longevity is affected by slower respiratory rates. This belief goes back to the ancient cultures of the Indian Vedas and Buddhist Monks. Based on their belief, people receive a definite number of breaths at birth. The number of breaths indicates the length of our life. The length of life can be extended by yoga and meditation. In other words, the technique of slow breathing can be used to prolong life.

The technique of slow breathing is applied when a person is having a panic attack. In addition to this, cancer patients can extend their lives by slowing down their rate of breathing.
Those who have higher respiratory rates are prone to suffer from anxiety, depression, sleeping.

We can determine our breathing pattern by looking into the following matters:

Proper breathing – In order to determine whether a person is breathing properly, a person has to pay attention to the way they breathe. Proper breathing is done by full, deep breaths which provide necessary oxygen and nutrients to all the organs of the body. Full deep breaths expand the abdomen and fill the top portion of the lungs. Proper exhaling is done by releasing the C02 in the top third of the lungs and then releasing the air from the abdomen.

Breathing rhythm – Proper breathing is done through the nose in a slow and controlled rhythm.

Proper posture – Proper posture is necessary for proper breathing. It also prevents you from experiencing back or shoulder injuries due to bad posture. Hunched shoulders toward the chest area damage the spine and even prevent a person from breathing properly, which further causes damage to the entire body.

Pay attention to your posture, speed of breathing and rhythm in order to ensure that you are breathing properly. Bear in mind that proper breathing gives you a longer and a healthier life.


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