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Processed food causes many problems


Eating regularly processed foods packed with calories, fat and salt, like meat, sausages and salamis increases the risk of being overweight, having diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

The truth behind unhealthy meat products is being hidden.

When meat is being processed, it is subjected to the procedure of salting and chemical processing. This makes the food become unhealthy and causes the following risks.

Obesity – Processed meat products are unhealthy source of salt, fat and calories. Excessive use of salt causes water retention and bloating. When you consume cheese, mayonnaise and similar additions along with your sandwich, you add a lot more salt into your organism which slows your digestive system and makes you sleepy.

Heart disease – When you eat a hot dog or other similar processed food, you increase your ordinary intake of salt by three times. Extreme intake of salt weakens the blood vessels, which is one of the causes of a heart disease. Your body is unable to handle that amount of salts. Excessive salt increases water retention which further increases blood flow which leads to overburdening the arteries and can cause a serious problem.

Risk of diabetes – The amount of nitrites in meat is dangerous as it lessens the insulin secretion and consequently this has an impact on the blood glucose level. A Harvard study showed that the risk of diabetes is increased by 29% with daily intake of one serving of processed meat.

Risk of cancer – According to Swedish researchers, people who consume meat products are more inclined to have stomach cancer. Another study in Hawaii showed that there is a chance of 67% for people who regularly eat meat to develop pancreatic cancer in contrast to those who almost never or never eat such products.

The recommendation is to eat such products only once a week.


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