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People on their deathbed share the same regrets


According to nurse Bronnie Ware, who worked with dying patients, they all had the same regrets before they passed away.

The most common regrets will be listed in the following text.

They all regret not living how they wanted, but how others expected it – When people look back at their lives, they can easily remember all the things that were never achieved. They chose not to fulfill some dreams, for one reason or another.

They all regret working so hard – This is a typical regret of a dying male. Because they worked so hard, they missed out on much, from growing up of their children to spending more time with their spouses.

They all regret holding back on their feelings – Most people never expressed what they feel and why they felt like that. This is the reason behind the feelings of bitterness and anger.

When you express your feelings, you can even deepen the relationship with a person or free yourself from the burden of an unhealthy relationship.

They all drifted away from their friends at some point – Many remember their old fiends before dying. People are just too busy to nurture friendships. And at some point, all people regret not finding the time to catch up with old friends. In the end, everything boils down to love and relationships.

They all think that they could have been happier – People should realize that being happy is just a matter of choice. People should learn how to get out of habits and routines in order to laugh again like a careless child.

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