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Truvia is not what it appears to be

The new zero-calorie sweetener under the name of Truvia is not that natural as it is said to be.The FDA has approved that the leaf of stevia can only be sold as a herbal supplement, thus changing the description of stevia as a supplement to a food that is generally …

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Find out why soda is bad for you

Millions of people drink soda instead of water. Soda has a taste, while water is tasteless. But the ingredients of a soda or a diet soda, which make it taste so good and sweet are questionable. Another thing that should be considered is what actually happens to you when you …

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Use this food to improve your general health

Our health is largely influenced by the food we consume. Other factors also reflect upon our physical and emotional well-being. Every action we take has an impact on our health, and that is why proper and healthy diet must not be overlooked. Healthy food has a direct benefit to your …

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Processed food causes many problems

Eating regularly processed foods packed with calories, fat and salt, like meat, sausages and salamis increases the risk of being overweight, having diabetes, heart disease and cancer. The truth behind unhealthy meat products is being hidden. When meat is being processed, it is subjected to the procedure of salting and …

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Serious side effects of HPV cervical cancer jab

After receiving a routine HPV vaccine, thousands of girls became seriously ill and some even ended up in a wheelchair. The number of such cases reached the number of 8,228 young girls. This number reported by The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency is only 10% of the true number …

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Alternative to pharmaceutical antibiotics

Before antibiotics were invented in 1940, people used natural medicines, food and herbs which were known to fight viral infections and diseases. Since the unnecessary usage of antibiotics has reached its peak, which caused drug-resistant bacteria, scientists are not as quick to find a cure for the bacteria that evolve …

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Discover how to awaken and master your destiny

A lot of people are interested in finding out what their purpose in the life is, what their destiny is. We are all aware of our grand purpose in life, but somehow nothing major has happened yet. This raises the question about who we are, what we are destined to do and …

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Illnesses caused by cat parasite

30 years ago scientists found a connection between a parasite Toxoplasma gondii which is carried by cats and schizophrenia in humans. This was confirmed again by a recent study. It is estimated that over 60 million of people is unaware that they have this parasite. This parasite is passed to …

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Abdominal map used to discover the cause of pain

The pain throughout the abdomen is a type of pain which is quite universal to a lot of people. No matter how strong the feeling of unease in your abdominal area is, it isn’t necessarily a symptom of a more severe illness. But if you experience the symptoms of bloating, …

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