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Plants can feel threat

Did you know that plants can hear and feel when someone or something is about to eat them? We all live in a violent world and plants are not spared either. However, unlike animals or insects, for example, it is absolutely clear that plants cannot run away when they sense …

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Unraveling faces

One simple look at someone’s face will discover their souls. Ancient Chinese knew that. Being pretty has always been an advantage. Did you know that during the middle ages in Europe ugly people had been treated as evil? Today, there is still the need to read the faces of other …

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The sun is not responsible for skin cancer

Nowadays, the sun is very often blamed for the increasing number of skin cancer cases. But, besides that, when it comes to skin cancer, the negative effect of the use of tanning beds also attracts a lot of attention. However, it is a big question if the sun should be …

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Make your own anti-mosquito spray

Beside nice weather, summer brings unpleasant mosquito bites as well. Although they are annoying by their nature, the protection against these tiny bloodsuckers in this period is particularly important because experts warn that they can spread various infections. For this purpose you can use sprays full of chemicals that can …

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Which nuts are good for health?

Nuts are considered to be the healthy snack and they can hold you over until dinner. They are small and crunchy, they are the perfect snack while you are at work or on the move. Nuts can help you to please your desire for food between the lunch and dinner. …

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Never make the bed after getting out of it

After a hard day, the bed becomes our best friend. We cannot wait to lie down and snuggle under the warm blanket, but we don’t really think about what is under our cover. Scientists warn that there are millions of tiny organisms living in our bed that can harm our …

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What are those two extra shoelace holes for? – VIDEO

Have you ever wondered what those two extra shoelace holes are for? Usually, they remain unused and in fact hardly anyone knows that they are for. A YouTube video solving this unusual riddle showed up in the middle of last month and social networks discovered it just a couple of …

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