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The secret to longevity revealed – VIDEO

An expert on growing old and living longer, Professor Alex Zhavoronkov, revealed how to extend the length of life. Factors which have an influence on longevity are developments in medicine, diet and healthcare. In addition to this, people should also abstain from getting married and having intercourse. When it comes …

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Blushwood berries have powerful healing properties – VIDEO

One study showed that blushwood berries contain a substance which successfully kills cancer cells. This study was conducted at QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Queensland, Australia. Blushwood berries come from blushwood tree and they grow in the rainforests of Far North Queensland, Australia. As a part of this study, an experimental …

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Stronger bones are not built by increased intake of dairy products

The latest study published by the British Medical Journal showed that dairy products are not responsible for bone strength. Dairy products and taking calcium supplements do not have an impact on the strength of the bones. It seems that the higher consumption of milk actually leads to higher death rate and bone …

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Signs of cervical cancer which should not be ignored

Cervical cancer is the second leading cause of death in women. This vicious disease is dangerous because the symptoms are hidden for a long time. However, Pap smears help determine if abnormal cells in the cervix could be a sign of cancer. Even though cervical cancer does not show symptoms in …

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Dangers of processed vegetable oil – VIDEO

Various kinds of processed edible oils are available for consumption today. Olive oil is considered the healthiest choice. Unfortunately, manufacturers are not selling pure vegetable oil as it is stated on the label. In order to extract the vegetable oil, extreme chemicals and high heat processors are used during the …

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Natural body cleansing remedy

Our body builds up amounts of toxins and those must be eliminated. Build up of toxins can cause many diseases. In order to avoid this and preserve your health, body cleansing is suggested once or twice a year. There is one great recipe for body cleansing. This recipe includes kefir and buckwheat flour. …

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These signs point to heart attack 

The heart attack is something that can happen to anyone. When it happens, medical attention must be given within an hour or the consequences could be lethal. Heart attack happens when the flow of blood into the heart is stopped due to narrowing of the coronary arteries. First signs of …

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Lines on your palm can reveal a lot

Lines on your palm are not just lines without meaning. Some people can look at your palm and tell you a lot about your personality. Some people have a line that is called the Venus’s circle. This curved line is located on your palm, beneath the middle and ring finger. …

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HPV is deadlier than AIDS

Until now, the HIV was considered the deadliest. Things have changed because Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is responsible for the strongest epidemic. HPV is a virus which affects cervix, anus, mouth and throat. This sexually transmitted infection (STI) can appear in 1000 different types. HPV is sexually transmitted during the contact with the skin …

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