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How to cure clogged pores- The easy way!

Enlarged and clogged pores happen as a result of both age and oily skin. It can happen to everyone, both men and women, and whether you take good care of your skin or not. We have all wasted hundreds of dollars on expensive creams, lotions and soaps, and none of …

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Bone rotting poison you drink every day

  Dr West Conner, a self-proclaimed  „Renegade Pharmacist“ , states that one of the worst things a person can do is drink a can of Coke. He made a timeline of what happens to a person’s body after ingesting this soft drink. In the first 10 minutes after drinking it, …

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20 different types of pain caused by emotional state

  Pain is not only a manifestation of a physical injury. It is also a manifestation energy, perception and physical manifestation. A person can feel different types of pain and it is connected to a specific emotional state in our mind. Our body will manifest pain even when a person …

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Ten everyday things that cause cancer

The pharmaceutical industry has been hiding ten secret causes for cancer, just so they can make a profit. Commercial soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, creams – Remember that anything that goes on your skin, hair or teeth always ends up in your bloodstream. All store bought things are carcinogenic, better go natural and …

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Removing fat cells with Ice packs – Quick and easy!

We all have some fat that we simply can’t stand. Maybe it’s stubborn belly fat, or maybe it is located on your love handles. It could stop you from putting on your favorite pair of jeans, kill your confidence or it could just be that last stubborn inch of fat …

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Scientist finally discover why eating red meat causes cancer

The consumption of red meat has been labeled as one of many factors that influence cancer development. The latest research on this topic revealed why eating red meat can cause cancer. A new study out of the University of California, San Diego has discovered the culprit behind why eating red …

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