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Check how old the eggs you bought are – VIDEO

Often, if we don’t have domestically laid eggs, we cannot tell how old the eggs from the store are. Some people say that the egg is old if its egg white becomes watery or it changes its smell, but we cannot know that until we break it. Now you can …

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Indoor laundry drying can be dangerous

Many of us can feel the temptation to dry laundry indoors, instead on the terrace. However, keep in mind that this action can cause numerous health issues. A research conducted by Mackintosh School of Architecture in Glasgow, showed that many homes are very moist and indoor laundry drying contributes to that …

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This drink is the secret of Japanese longevity

Kombucha drink has many healing qualities and it is becoming popular around the world. Here is how you can prepare it. Kombucha is also known as Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Indian tea mushroom. Its name comes from the Chinese language. Tea mushroom is actually a symbiosis of two organism types: …

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Chinese longevity secret revealed

There is one absolutely unique place on human body. If you put an ice cube on that place on a regular basis, the body starts to rejuvenate, many diseases start to disappear, and you will always be healthy, in a good mood and full of energy. This spot is located …

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