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Onion coating for general health benefits


Onion coating is used to purify body and blood and improve general health.

These onion coatings are applied to your feet.

In order to successfully do this treatment, you will need an onion, transparent foil and warm socks.

First, you have to cut the onions into thin circles and leave them until the juice has appeared. When the is ready, place the circles on your feet, put transparent foil around your feet and secure it with socks. This will help purify the body, improve circulation and will act as a natural and antibacterial medicine.

You can also mash onions with oily cream or almond oil and then apply it on your feet in the same procedure.

In general, this procedure is done before going to sleep, so the medicine can work overnight. This is done overnight so that the main ingredients of onion can have enough time to enter your body through your skin and act as an antibacterial agent and remove impurities from the body.

The onion coating should be removed in the morning. Wash your feet with cold water and put some warm socks back on.

The purpose of this is to allow blood to circulate the body. This treatment is suggested for people with poor circulation and diabetes.

It has to be noted that this treatment can be used by everyone. You should apply onion coating when you feel like you have a cold, flu, inflammation of the lungs or throat or fever.

It will make you feel better after only one night. Repeat the process for as long as needed.


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