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Never make the bed after getting out of it


After a hard day, the bed becomes our best friend. We cannot wait to lie down and snuggle under the warm blanket, but we don’t really think about what is under our cover.

Scientists warn that there are millions of tiny organisms living in our bed that can harm our health. Mattresses, quilts and pillows eventually become repositories of human skin, which collect dust mites and other bacteria.

Those tiny beings, invisible to the human eye, can cause numerous allergic reactions or to make existing allergies worse. However, besides mattresses and pillows, bed linen also keeps microorganisms which can trigger diseases such as food poisoning or chronicle fevers.

“People usually lose around 45g of skin, and most of that amount end up in the bed, ideal place for dust mites. The warmth of the bed that comes from our bodies is exactly what gives easy life to dust mites. Studies have shown that each bed has more than 10 million dust mites”, Dr. Lisa Ackerley, the environmental hygiene expert, explains.

According to her, our biggest mistake is leaving our windows closed when we go outside. This is how all the moisture, dust mites, fungi and bacteria remain in our space.

“If you make your bed every morning before you go to work, you are mistaken. When you cover your bed while it is still warm, you have given the dust mites an incredible fun”, Dr. Ackerley said.

Dust mites are harmless by themselves, they don’t harm the human body too much, but the feces they leave behind is what makes us sick. Their feces cause allergic reactions in our bodies and attack our respiratory system.

They cause numerous skin reactions such as dermatitis, and very often they are the main cause of fever. According to experts, 80 percent of asthmatic patients owes their disease to dust mites.

“Mites can cause allergic rhinitis, cough, dryness of the body and eyes. They are one of the main causes of poor sleep”, Lisa said.

When we are sick from a flu or a virus and have a fever, we usually rest in bed. Experts warn that then our mattress becomes a fertile ground for the development and reproduction of dust mites, bacteria and other microorganisms that later can cause many diseases.

Washing cannot destroy dust mites.

In order to prevent the development of the disease, without buying new mattresses, pillows and other things every two years, the doctor recommends regular vacuuming.

“It would be good not to have carpet under your bed, because carpet just makes the situation worse. Regularly open the windows in order to let the fresh air inside your room, and at the same time, that will pull out the mites and other pests”, she said.

It is known that in the Alpine region people used to put their sheets on the windows. Maybe they did not know, but cool alpine air surely killed all bacteria and mites, or at least the most of them.

“You should always wash your linen at 60 degrees at least. Some detergents contain disinfectants, therefore, you should use them to wash your linen from time to time”, Dr. Lisa Ackerley concluded.

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