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Natural remedies for foot odor


The reason behind smelly feet is not the lack of cleanliness. The unpleasant smell is caused by bacteria which grow in the moist and slightly acidic environment.

There are several home remedies, which can solve this problem.

Baking soda is one of those remedies. As it is alkaline, you can put baking soda inside your socks before putting them on. Also, you can soak your feet in baking soda foot bath. Just add some baking soda in water and wash your feet in it, two times a day.

Vinegar can be used to fight this problem because it is acidic and bacteria hate highly acidic environment. Use vinegar as a foot soak or just rub it on your feet.

Salt has the ability to dry out the skin. Soak your feet in the mixture of warm water and half a cup of salt for 20 minutes every day. This solution is only recommended in extreme cases because salt can really dry out your skin. Instead of regular salt, the use of Epson salt is advised.

Essential oils are also used to fight bad foot odor. You can choose between many oils, such as tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, rosemary oil, sage oil, lavender oil, thyme oil, peppermint oil, geranium oil, and cinnamon oil. Add a few drops of your favorite oil in a foot bath.

Also, carry with you your favorite oil, blend it with water and apply to your feet when needed. In addition to this, you can also apply diluted oil blend over the inside of your shoes.

Soak your feet in a mixture of thyme, rosemary, sage and water. Mix three cups of water with one tablespoon of dried herbs. You can also use diluted oil blend and rub it into your feet.

In general, you should pay attention on what you put on your feet. Socks are often made of nylon, which traps sweat on your feet. In order to avoid this, buy cotton socks because the cotton absorbs the sweat.

The easiest solution for you is to carry another pair of socks, so you can change them during the day.

Choose your shoes carefully. Always buy shoes which are not too tight and which have air openings on the sides.

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