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Method of losing weight fast – lose 100 calories in just 4 minutes


If you do these simple exercises as least once a day, your body will burn all unnecessary calories.

The famous American fitness coach Jim Saret, developed his own method of rapid weight loss for those people who usually do not have time for that. This trainer considers traditional exercises inefficient. For example, if you run, you lose only 150 calories per hour. His exercises, however, help you lose 100 calories in only four minutes, if you stick to the rules.

“If you think you are in good physical condition, you can even limit your exercising to only two minutes. And you can devote four minutes of your time to everyday training,” advises Saret.

He perfected this exercising plan and adjusted it to those people who lead inactive lifestyles and who get tired after just a couple of minutes of exercising in the gym. In order to accept these exercises as a habit, try to engage a member of your family as well.

This is the training program that can help you lose 100 calories in just a couple of minutes.


Jumping with outstretched hands

Jump 10 times.


Do 10 squats. That will be enough.


Do 10 pushups continuously. If you have difficulties doing this exercise, try doing it against the wall, instead on the floor.



Do 10 lunges on each leg.

Saret suggests doing this mini-complex of exercises whenever it is possible.

You can do the program in four consecutive sets. You should take one-minute break between the sets. This means you can turn this mini-complex of exercises into a full 20-minute training.

And that is all what it takes. Saret says strenuous workout in the gym is only required for those who want to have a perfect body form that will leave an impression on the environment. If you just want to look young and feel great, those 20 minutes a day will be enough.

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