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Magic effects of cabbage juice


Did you know that cabbage is a very powerful vegetable? It is one the best foods, because it is very nutritious and very healthy. It has the ability of curing more than 100 diseases.

This plant contains significant amounts of antioxidants, minerals, vitamin C and U. It effectively helps with anemia thanks to its antiseptic quality. It provides the body with a daily dose of all necessary minerals and vitamins.

Cabbage or cabbage juice can help your organism fight minor illnesses, hangovers, chronic coughing problems, and even inflammation of the ear. It is also effective as a diuretic. Cabbage is rich in sulfur, chlorine, and iodine, which give it the power of cleaning the mucus membranes in the intestinal tracts.

It is advisable to consume cabbage juice on a daily basis, because it can protect your body from cancer. In case of existing cancer (breast, colon, liver, lungs, and ovary cancer), it serves as a very good treatment. This power of cabbage comes from its sulforaphane compound, which protects cells from carcinogens.

If you have problems with excess body weight, again, cabbage can help you, because it prevents the conversion of sugar to fat.

This is the easiest way of preparing your cabbage juice.

Put the cabbage in the warm water and splash some of the apple cider vinegar onto it. Then remove the stem, and cut the cabbage in half. Juice one half of it, using your juicer. This would be one dose. You can make another dose from another cabbage half immediately, or you can leave it, and juice it later.

Your drink is ready! The taste of the juice may be strong at first, but be persistent. It is worth it.

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