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Lose 3 to 5 kilograms with this simple drink – Recipe


If you have been diagnosed with Lazy Bowel Syndrome, you might have some troubles with excess body fat.

Lazy Bowel Syndrome prevents excess body fat to be burned and reduces the detoxification of the body.

The following recipe can help you reduce weight and body fat. It is consumed instead of breakfast.

Homemade drink contains some simple ingredients:

  • water
  • oats
  • ground flax-seed
  • cocoa
  • kefir
  • prunes

Take 6 prunes, pour 100 ml of boiled water over them and leave it like that for 10 minutes. Take another bowl and add 2 tablespoons of oats, a teaspoon of ground flax-seed and a teaspoon of cocoa. Add 300 ml of kefir and mix into a compact mixture. Add the chopped prunes into the mixture and mix it thoroughly. Leave it in the fridge and drink every morning on an empty stomach.

Use it for a month and you will see the first results. You will lose from 3 to 5 kg and feel more energized. You will also notice that your skin is brighter and hair and nails are stronger.


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