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Location of pimples reveals what causes them


Location of pimples can tell you what causes them. The following list will explain what causes pimples to appear on certain parts of your body and actions you can take to prevent them.

Menstrual cycle causes pimples to appear on the chin, jaw and neck – Menstrual cycle causes hormones to change and greater amounts of fat are produced by glands. Pores are blocked by this excess fat and pimples appear on your face. In order to avoid their emergence, you should begin cleaning your face several days before the menstrual cycle. The best cleaners in this case are those based on benzoyl peroxide.

Pimples appear on hair roots – The cause of such pimples are hair products. Pores are blocked by fats from these products. In order to eliminate these pimples, try not to use hairstyling products. In case the pimples are persistent, change your shampoo.

Pimples appear around your mouth and lips – Nutrition is the cause of these pimples. Skin inflammation can be caused by ingredients like citric acids and other. Pores are clogged by fatty foods, too. And this directly leads to the emergence of pimples. You can avoid this by cleaning your face and lips carefully after every meal. Apply lip balm often but specifically on your lips and not around them.

Pimples appear on your cheeks – Bacteria and dust cause these pimples. Each time you touch your face, you transport bacteria to it which further causes the process of inflammation. Pay attention to how often you touch your face and use antibacterial wet wipes so you can clean your hands.

Pimples appear on your forehead and nose – Stress is the main reason behind this problem. Additional fat is secreted in the T-zone after a long, hard day. This further leads to pimples. In order to avoid this problem, wash your face two times a day. And before a particularly stressful day, thoroughly clean your face.

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