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Insomnia is the future – researchers say sleep is becoming obsolete

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Inability to fall asleep is known as insomnia. Many people suffer from insomnia which is considered as a major health problem. However, researchers believe that sleeping is becoming obsolete.

Sleep disturbances are at an all time high. The National Sleep Foundation 2011 poll revealed around 60 percent of participants were unhappy with the amount and quality of their sleep. Also, 60 percent used laptops, phones, and video games at least one hour before bed.

Researchers have found that the quality of sleep you get is more important than the number of hours, and there is plenty of technology and science available today to help you upgrade your sleep, such as the plethora of sleep tracking apps. For mediating the exposure to computer light, F.lux is a useful free program that sets the light on your computer screen to follow a circadian rhythm from day into night.

This week, Motherboard is tackling the intersection of technology and sleep. That means stories about how to sleep hack your room, technology inside trucks that monitors drivers for drowsiness, headsets that reset your Circadian rhythm, pills for lucid dreaming, and weighted blankets for those with PTSD.

But what’s arguably more exciting than what’s available today is the possibility for sleep hacking in the future. Transhumanist Zoltan Istvan is looking forward to eliminating sleep altogether.



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