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Indoor laundry drying can be dangerous


Many of us can feel the temptation to dry laundry indoors, instead on the terrace. However, keep in mind that this action can cause numerous health issues.

A research conducted by Mackintosh School of Architecture in Glasgow, showed that many homes are very moist and indoor laundry drying contributes to that (up to 30%).

Researchers stated that they found moisture in three-quarters of surveyed households. Moisture leads to the appearance of dust mites and increased concentration of mold spores.

The air contaminated with these organisms can easily contribute to the occurrence of asthma and other allergic conditions.

A study conveyed in winter 2011 included more than 100 homes and showed that more than 87% of people dried their laundry indoors when the weather was cold. Two-thirds of them had a habit of leaving their washing next to the heating device, such as radiator. This increased air moisture by 30% on those days when the laundry was washed and dried, and 15% in general.

This problem is especially present in small houses with strong insulation. One of the researchers, Collin Porteus, says that people started insulating their homes in order to save some energy, but at the same time they create ventilation problems.

In Great Britain scientists are inviting local authorities to once again introduce common laundry rooms, just like the ones from 1960’s. Back then, people stopped using common laundry rooms because drying machines became popular. Today, people don’t use machines either because now they are trying to reduce their electricity bills.

Mold became very common problem in many homes, and about ten types of this fungus are dangerous to health. This can be the cause of sinusitis, bronchitis and other respiratory problems and it can trigger allergies.

Mold is wherever the air is saturated with moisture – around tubs, showers, dishwashing machines, laundry machines and in the kitchen. It can also be found on the ground, near the pot plants.

The best way to prevent mold from creating is to open your windows every day, to use ventilation system and to fix all damaged surfaces (roof leaks, broken wall tiles and cracked windows).

If the mold has already showed up, destroy it with bleach. You can also use biocides (pesticides for fungi) which are very effective. You must be careful, because they can be deadly.

When painting, use hydrophobic paint for the bathroom and the kitchen because that will prevent occurrence of moisture and mold.

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