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How to get pregnant with a boy or a girl


Whether it is a boy or a girl, babies are a true gift to the world. However, there is a doctor who claims there is a way for parents to choose the desired sex of the baby.

The sperm that fertilizes the woman egg determines the baby’s sex. If the sperm carries an X-chromosome the baby will be XX and will become a girl. If the sperm carries a Y-chromosome the baby will be XY, a boy. Based on this, the doctor is advising couples how to conceive a baby with the desired sex. Burt still there isn’t enough scientific evidence that can support this theory.

Dr Shettles based his theory on the fact hat the sperm which carries the Y chromosomes is weaker and faster than the sperm which carries the X chromosomes. The X sperm is slower but it is able to survive longer than the Y sperm.

Furthermore, the doctor claims that if you carefully choose the time of the intercourse you will be able to influence your baby’s sex.

It is also very important to know when you are ovulating and you can achieve this by monitoring your fertility signals as cervical mucus, your BBT or cervical position or you can use ovulation test.

How to conceive a boy – Avoid intercourse 4-5 days before ovulation because this will help to build up the man’s sperm count. It is also recommended to have sex on the day of the ovulation because then the woman is most fertile. Because the Y sperm is faster it will reach the egg sooner than the X sperm.

The alkalinity of the “egg white” cervical mucus before ovulation is extremely suitable for the Y sperm to survive. That is why you should have sex before ovulation as the Y sperm cannot survive longer in more acidic environment.

Dr Shettles advises having an orgasm before or at the same time as your partner because during the female orgasm, alkalinity increases. Also during orgasm, the woman’s reproductive system becomes larger which allows the Y sperm to reach the egg faster.

Dr Shettles also advises couples to do doggy style or other position suitable for deep penetration. This will allow deeper ejaculation, near the cervix, so the Y sperm will have less distance to travel.

How to conceive a girl – On the contrary, if you want a baby girl than you should have sex more often before ovulation but avoid intercourse 2-3 days before and on the day of ovulation. Sperm can live up to 6 days in the female reproductive organ and after ovulation the tougher X sperm will stay longer to fertilize the egg.

Have sex in a position which allows shallow penetration. Missionary style is recommended because the sperm reaches in lower parts of the reproductive system where the environment is less alkaline. This environment will prevent the Y sperm and allow the X sperm to travel.

If you want a baby girl then you shouldn’t have orgasms because they increase the alkalinity of the reproductive system.

A lot of people do not believe in this theory as there aren’t enough and precise evidences which support it.

Also if you have problems with conceiving a baby, Dr Shettles recommends having as much sex as possible around the time of ovulation.

But if you want to choose your baby’s gender then you can try, Dr Shettles’ timing method. It is nothing too complicated if you can determine the day of your ovulation.



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