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How to avoid possible problems by following your intuition


We all have that inner voice or that inexplicable feeling in our stomach which tells us what to do. This voice or feeling could lead us in the right direction or stop us before we do something that is not advisable.

You should never ignore your intuition in the following situations.

When you don’t feel good –Your body is sending you signals which should not be ignored. Your body automatically knows when something is not right, so you should listen to those signs and discover what your body is trying to tell you. Your body uses the power of intuition to give you a message to take action.

Furthermore, you should notice the way you feel when you are with a certain person. Does this person make you feel exhausted, nervous or even unhappy? Based on these feelings, your intuition is trying to tell you which people in your surroundings burden you and which people lighten up your life.

Therefore, every feeling should be considered.

When you feel that a certain situation could be unsafe – Intuition can tell you if a situation feels unsafe. For example, you went to a supermarket where you saw this unknown person and your gazes met. You suddenly felt anxious. After you finished shopping and stepped outside the store and realized that this person is waiting outside. Even though this person didn’t directly cause danger to you, your intuition told you to return to the store and inform the manager, staff or the police about this person.

Even though humans can activate the fight-or-flight response in dangerous situations, you should also consider that gut feeling about something because it might save your life.

When you feel that you should give help to somebody – Your inner voice does not always indicate that something is wrong. Sometimes, your instinct is telling you to help someone. If you pay attention to a person’s body language and facial expressions you can sense their energy. Even though that person won’t explicitly seek help, if you sense that you can provide help and care, feel free to do so.

When you can do certain things naturally – When you are confident enough that you can do something, you should never overthink it. Avoid putting yourself under unnecessary pressure. If you are in the limelight, let your talents out and trust your instincts.

Your instinct is telling you that something just feels right – Your intuition can guide you in the right direction, if you have to make a certain choice in life. When you have to make a certain choice, trust your instinct because it is telling you how to choose. If your dream job pays $40,000, take it because it will make you happy.


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