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How a root canal could be making you sick


If you eat a lot of sweets, your teeth might be in danger. There are bacteria in your mouth that feed on sugar. This is how too much sugar can cause infection, which can further lead to receiving a root canal.

It is absolutely sure that the root canal procedure is unpleasant, no matter how old the patient is. However, undergoing this procedure should be the least of our worries. There is something much more serious that we should take into account.

Changed dentist’s perspective

Over the years, dentists realized that root canal treatment involves some serious risks. One of those dentists is an ex-dentist from New York named Dr. Robert Kulacz. He remembers the time when one of his patients expressed his concerns about root canals, because he previously had heard from his physician that root canals may cause or contribute to other diseases in the body.

At first, Kulacz was ready to prove him wrong, but he was surprised when he heard the patient’s explanation. After the appointment with his patient, Kulacz did some research and realized that he was the one who was wrong. This is why he decided to drastically change his practice.

Patients need to be informed

Unlike Dr. Kulacz, many dentists and dental organizations and boards refuse to accept the facts about the risks that lurk after receiving a root canal. Dr. Kulacz points out that it is very important to explain the patient that root canal teeth remains infected, which can later cause the infection of other parts of the body. This is why they should be to ones to decide if they want root canal procedure, or not.

Dr. Kulacz strongly disagrees with his colleagues who believe that a root canal tooth can be sterilized. His experience shows that in almost all cases the surrounding bone remains infected.

Even though the American Dental Association (ADA) claims that any bacteria remaining within the tooth cannot cause any problems once the procedure is done, Dr. Kulacz has a different opinion. He says that it is impossible to fill and seal the canal so good that the bacteria cannot find its way to other tissues. He reminds that our teeth are porous.

He also says that there is a possibility that this procedure doesn’t end in causing another health issue, but that depends on the type of bacteria that are in there, the kind of toxins that they produce, and the strength of the immune system of the patient.

Dr. Kulacz states that a study conducted in 2013 confirmed that in some heart attack cases the bacteria from the root canal teeth was found in the plaques in coronary arteries and in the blood clots. This was the proof that oral bacteria can travel through the body and cause infections in other body parts.

Immune System powerless against root canal bacteria

Dr. Mercola additionally explains that the immune system cannot destroy the bacteria because the blood cannot get into the sealed root canal, which eventually results in an increased infection.

Pathogenic oral bacteria destroy the white blood cells, despite the fact that it is supposed to be the other way around. Bacterial mimicry, disabling your antibodies and white blood cells and forming sticky biofilms are some of the possible ways for the bacteria to attack your immune system.

Dr. Kulacz warns that pulling all root canal teeth is not the solution. He stresses that it is very important to assess the situation objectively and find optimal solution that is in compliance with the mainstream dentistry.

What can you do and how to make a decision?

Prevention is the best cure. Make sure to take good care of your teeth. In order to prevent tooth and gum infections, your diet needs to be healthy, rich in whole foods and low in processed carbs.

This will make your immune system stronger, and you will avoid creating acidic environment in your mouth, which is suitable for infections.

If you find yourself in a situation that a root canal or extraction is needed, Dr. Mercola recommends ozone therapy prior to those interventions, because it will destroy toxic substances and it will help your immune system to respond better.

If you choose to extract the infected tooth, you will need a replacement for that tooth. You can use a removable appliance or partial denture but this will require from you to take it out at night, put it back in in the morning. No need to mention that it has to be kept clean.

Another solution is to do a bridge. This is a pretty expensive, but permanent solution. The bridge connects teeth from both sides of the missing tooth, and the replacement is attached to it. However, the process of preparing the adjacent teeth for the bridge causes damage to those teeth, which potentially lead to the infection those teeth as well.

The most expensive option is to choose a dental implant. This option also involves some risks, such a risk of galvanizing with other metallic materials. This is why Dr. Kulacz recommends zirconium implants that don’t have metal ions, which is not the case with titanium implants.

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