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Here’s why you should reconsider having the flu shot

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The fall season is usually the time to take the flu shot. People are advised to take it in order to protect their health from the flu epidemic.

Taking the shot depends on you. If you chose not to take it, you can use natural ways to boost your immunity.

The following facts serve to reveal the truth about these vaccines.

They are not as effective as it is believed – The flu vaccines are produced a few months before the flu season based on a guess which strains could be the most problematic. The vaccine is inefficient if you have been in contact with a different strain of the flu.

It is all about the profitPharmaceutical industry makes billions of dollars from the successful sale of the pharmaceuticals. That is the only reason the members of the industry are emphasizing the need for vaccination.

Immunization is a myth – It is believed that flu vaccine actually lowers the immunity and causes symptoms of the disease it is actually used to fight against.

The effect in infants and children – A study revealed that children who received the vaccine experienced the same effect as the placebo. It was also revealed that the flu shot causes the development of other health problems like infections, adverse immunological response and even death in patients of any age.

It does not stop the risk of infection, it actually increases it – Those who already have a weakened immune system only increase the risk of the full effects of flu by taking the flu shot.

The flu vaccine contains mercury – Mercury is responsible for memory loss, respiratory problems, cardiovascular disease, attention deficiency disorder, digestive imbalances and other health related issues.

The flu shot can cause neurological disorders – The vaccines can cause permanent nerve damage due to a number of ingredients. This happened in 1976 to those who received the flu shot for the swine flu.

It increases the risks of Alzheimer’s disease – Senior citizens are usually targeted by pharmaceutical companies to take the flu shot. It was proved that people who receive the flu shot during three to five years in a row increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 10 times.

Multiple strain flu shot increases health risks – By receiving the shots for multiple strains of flu you also increase the risk of developing the disease caused by any of those strains.

Vitamin C as an alternative solution – Flu viruses can be altered by repeated intake of drugs like Tamiflu and Relenza. They can even become more resistant. Vitamin C can be used as a precaution. Since the consumption of vitamin C has multiple health benefits, you should consider it an alternative without any side effects.


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