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Here’s how the shape of the nose can reveal personal characteristics


What does the form of your nose say about you?

Experts believe that the shape of the nose can reveal our personal characteristics. Thus, for example, optimists have pug noses, while rebels have curved noses.

People with broad noses have qualities of a born leader, a strong personality without too much temper. They are moderate people who do not make decisions in a hurry and have a strong influence on other people because they are brilliant organizers.

Straight nose is the pride of people who have developed organizational skills. It is good to have support of this kind of people, especially in critical times because they don’t panic, they keep their emotions to themselves and they think logically. They are extremely effective at work.

Snub nose is specific to those individuals who are optimistic, friendly, caring and who like to give love and help to others. They like to experiment and they are quite open to sexual adventures.

Curved nose is a characteristic of people who build their life path by themselves. They never follow other people, they are rebellious and don’t ask for the approval of the society. They don’t care too much what people have to say about them and they firmly stand behind their beliefs and ideas.

Fleshy nose is a quality of people who think and act quickly. They are not hasty, they are wise and calculated. In addition to that, they are loving and loyal partners, so it is good to have them by your side.


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