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Chamomile tea reduces the risk of premature death


Chamomile has always been one of many herbs which have immense benefits to your overall health. Every household must have chamomile tea as a part of its tea collection.

A recent study showed that chamomile tea impacts longevity in women. If the chamomile tea is consumed, the risks of all types of death were decreased by 29%.

Scientists still have to discover why it only affects one gender. More than 1600 men and women from the United States and Mexico were a part of this research.

The purpose of this 7-year-long research was to examine data for epidemiological studies in the elderly. 14% of participants in this study drank chamomile tea.

In contrast to those women who never drink chamomile tea, the risk of premature death was decreased by 29%.

It must be noted that chamomile tea reduces the risk of premature death only if it is consumed regularly on a daily basis.


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