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Here Is How To Strengthen The Immunity Within 15 Seconds


Cold water can be used in one simple method to boost the immune system. This method was suggested by a Chinese therapy specialist.

It has been concluded in a study conducted by German scientists that people who shower with cold water, hardly ever suffer from colds.

Cold shower has an effect on the whole body. It makes our hearts beat faster, increases blood flow and gives us more energy. Even washing your face every morning with cold water will immediately wake you up.

Based on other research, cold showers also improve mood and reduce stress. According to the results of a survey conducted at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, the production of norepinephrine, which is similar to adrenaline, is influenced by cold water.

This hormone is responsible for the smaller blood vessels and is known for its antidepressant properties.

This method can be done every night before going to bed. Fill up your tub with cold water and put your feet in it for about 15 seconds. After you have done this, put on some cotton socks.

Repeat this procedure every night and you will certainly boost your immune system.

If you suffer from a cold, do this every 4 hours. This will strengthen your immune system and you will get better faster.

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