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Help someone survive a stroke with a needle puncture


A person who is having a stroke can be saved with a needle. It might sound frightening, but it will help a person survive. It is a part of a traditional Chinese medicine and it helps people survive strokes.

In case this situation arises, it is of high importance not to move someone who is having a stroke. If you try to move this person, there is a risk that capillaries will burst, which causes brain bleeding.

In order to do this procedure,  you will need a needle of a syringe. Even a simple sewing needle can be used as an alternative.

Sterilize the needle over the fire of a candle or a lighter. Afterwards, you will use this sterilized needle to puncture the tips of all 10 fingers.

Position the tip of the needle a few millimeters from the nail. Puncture the tip of the finger until the blood starts to flow. If the blood flow does not start, squeeze the finger until it starts. Do this procedure on all 10 fingers.

After approximately ten minutes, the person will show first signs of life. If you see that the person’s face or mouth is distorted, massage the ears of the patient until they become red. This will ensure blood flow to the face. Also, puncture soft part of both ears and wait for drops of blood to appear. After a while, the face will no longer be distorted.

After all this, a person should be sent to the hospital. However, wait a while until the person is stable enough to be moved.


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