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Heal, restore and cleanse your body with energy


In order to advance their metaphysical abilities, spiritual seekers employ methods of crystals, sound healing, diet, meditation, prayer, fasting, chanting, psychedelics, healing modalities, and breathing exercises. However, not all are available to ordinary people. On the other hand, nature is available to everyone.

The phenomenon of nature can heal, restore, cleanse and provide many other combined aspects of nature.

If you always pay attention to the same tree or chose one particular flower, you are actually attracted to its energy, which has the ability to heal.

Nature can provide ways in which you can heal the energy of your body.

Ability to focus energy (Grounding Scattered Energies) –  Meditating in close vicinity of a tree or hugging one for few deep breaths calms your mind and emotions. Overwhelming emotions and energies should be calmed down in order to return to the fundamentals in life.

Cleansing our energy – Plants have the unique ability to retrieve negative energy from our aura and discharge it into the ground. If you walk barefoot for several minutes or meditate with a plant, you will notice that your body and mind are cleared off the negative energy.

Immerse yourself in the surroundings which uplifts your spirit – Spending time in a beautiful natural setting gives you access to an abundance of energy. If you spend five minutes a day in natural surroundings provided by our Earth, your body will absorb the energy and refill its energy sources.

Sound therapy – Listening to the sounds of nature can be soothing and healing. Tweeting birds or the sounds of the sea can bring you into a peaceful state. You can even listen to these on your headphones.

Color therapy – Colors of your surroundings can affect your energy. Different colors are used for different purposes. Some colors are used for healing while others for protection and cleansing. If you wish to have an effect on the heart chakra, surround yourself with greens and browns of a forest. Root chakra can be cleansed and grounded with the rich red of a rose.

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