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Have you Heard about the ABCDE Rules that Can Save Your Life


Skin cancer known as malignant melanoma appears when melanocytes reproduce uncontrollably because of the DNA damage. Exposure to UV radiation can be one of the causes of the DNA damage.

This type of cancer can appear on moles, or nevi, on the skin and even in the eye.

Early detection of melanoma is vital because this cancer spreads to other organs fast and causes serious damage to human organism leading to death.

A person can follow a simple ABCDE rule in order to make a distinction between benign nevus and nevus that can cause malignant melanoma.

Asymmetry – A – Normal moles are symmetrical. In case mole seems asymmetrical, it could be melanoma.

Borders – B – Well-defined and regular edges are characteristics of a benign nevus. A mole that is suspicious has broken and undefined edges.

Color – C – Suspicious moles have uneven color and may seem black, various shades of brown, red, dark blue, gray and even traces of white color.

Diameter – D – Dermatologist should be consulted in case a suspicious mole has a diameter larger than 6 mm. However, melanomas are usually larger than 6mm.

Evolution – E – You should consult a dermatologist in case you have experienced the symptoms of itching, increased sensitivity or bleeding, and if you’ve observed changes in terms of color, shape or size.

This rule is very helpful in early detection of melanoma. However, if you notice any changes, make sure you consult a doctor.

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