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Clay as a natural remedy for pain in the spine


Clay is used as a healing substance. The healing power of clay is used for back pain. Clay consists of mineral salts and trace elements, aluminum, potassium, silicon, calcium, sodium, iron, silver, magnesium, copper and lead.

Clay is also used in order to heal wounds, increase blood circulation and reduce radioactivity in the body.

In order to relieve back pain, mix blue clay and vinegar. Firstly, knead clay with vinegar or with vinegar which was previously diluted with water. Add nettle leaves into this mixture. When you mix all elements together, put clay mixture on a cloth and nylon.

For the following seven days you should apply this clay compresses on the sore spot. After seven days of this treatment, pain will disappear. Pay attention not to mix clay with metal spoon or put it in metal containers.

A mixture of water and clay can be used for other diseases as well. If you suffer from problems with knees and spine, apply the clay mixture for several months and it will help you fight the problem off.

You can also make a clay beverage by mixing one wooden teaspoon of clay with 1.5 dl of water. Leave it overnight in a glass container. It is recommended to take the clay beverage in the morning.

During the first week, drink only the water without the clay sediment. During the second week, mix liquid and the sediment and drink the water after a few minutes. During the third week, mix the sediment and the liquid and drink it.

This beverage is used for complete purification of your body.

The facial mask is made by mixing 2-3 plastic or wooden spoons of clay with a few drops of lemon juice and mineral water. Stir it into a homogeneous mixture, add almond oil if you like and apply it on your face.

Hold it for 30 minutes and rinse it off. This mask is known for its cleansing properties together with rejuvenating and refreshing effects.

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