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Ginger has exceptional healing properties


Researchers discovered that ginger is useful in fighting cancer, just like turmeric.

Based on the results of one study, the size of a prostate tumor can be reduced with ginger by 56%. Moreover, ginger is especially useful in treating breast cancer malignancy than chemotherapy.

Cancer is caused by stem cells or mother cells. These cells are called mother cells because they create other cells known as daughter cells, which multiply and create the tumor colony. Stem cells have the ability of self-renewal, they are highly resistant to treatment and have the vicious ability to spread cancer and create other colonies.

In order to completely eliminate cancer, stem cells have to be destroyed. When ginger is cooked or dried, it produces a constituent known as 6-shogaol. This component found in ginger has the ability to destroy cancer cells without damaging non-cancer cells. Other traditional forms of cancer treatments do not possess the ability to differentiate between healthy cells and cancer cells.

The best results of 6-shogaol were observed in breast cancer. It has the ability to stop the cell cycle and increase their death rate. It also prevents the development of breast cancer lumps.

The effectiveness of cancer drug taxol was compared to 6-shogaol, and 6-shogaol was 10,000 times more effective at killing cancer stem cells, stopping tumors from forming, and keeping healthy cells alive.

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