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Get rid of your lower back pain-sciatica by doing these simple exercises


We have all experienced excruciating back pain. Our backs can be injured so easily so it is good to know how to relieve pain. This can be achieved with simple exercises.

The Ischiadic nerve is the longest and thickest nerve in the body, and is composed of five small nerves that come out of the lumbosacral spine and descend down the legs where they branch into smaller nerves in the upper thigh, knee, leaves, foot and fingers. And aging and degenerative changes in the intervertebral discs, lifting cargo from awkward body position or performance of the wrong movement leads to cracking the ring discus and the outbreak of its central part, which begins to press the spinal root (the place from where the nerves). This disorder is called sciatica – sciatica and usually occurs in the lower back (lumbar spine). Sciatica in pregnancy is also a frequent problem that occurs due to heavy loading of the spine and affects future young mothers.

In the following video, see how you can get rid of your lower back pain with doing these simple exercises every day!



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  • Alex Tang

    I Have been struggling with sciatic all my life.. and nothing seemed to work at all. I had so much pain everyday and it was so unbearable. Luckily my friend Noah Mason introduced me to this wonderful website. Here on this website you can read all about your backpains and there are tons of tips on how to get rid of sciatica. There are also a lot of exercises you can try at home for free!

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